Non-Teaching Staff

  1.  Sr. Azaria SVM                       – Administrative Assistant
  2.  Sr. Marian SVM                     – Junior Superintendent
  3.  Sr. Grace Maria SVM            –Ist Grade Librarian
  4.  Smt. Anitha E                         – Asst. Librarian
  5.  Smt. Deepa Augustine         – Office Staff
  6.  Sri. Clint  Jose                        – Computer Lab Asst.
  7.  Smt. Bindhu K P                    – Chemistry Lab Asst.
  8.  Smt. Sheeja K. P.                   – Biology Lab Asst.
  9.  Smt. Komalavally P V            – Physics Lab Asst.
  10.  Smt. Sindhu Joseph
  11.  Smt. Molly K. K.
  12.  Smt. Sree Devi M
  13.  Smt. Baby Roopa
  14.  Smt. Seetha P. P.
  15.  Smt. Neena K
  16.  Smt. Sini Lorence
  17.  Smt. Reena P.
  18.  Smt. Seena K           – Gardener
  19.  Sri. O J Chacko       – Watcher
  20.  Sri. Renjith K          – Driver
  21. Sri. Karunakaran  – Driver

for class 10 students.
Students who appeared for class 10 board exam (State/CBSE/ICSE) and who are aspiring for engineering/medical professionals can benefit from this course.
AIM: To make a strong foundation for maths, physics, chemistry and biology for class 11/+1.
● Classes are handled by experts
● Updated excellent printed materials
● Performance tracking and regurlar test after the completion of each chapter
● This course would bridge the content leftover in lower classes but link with +1
● Nominal fees but strong subject base to boost the morale of aspirant
● Dedicated control and discipline by Sreepuram Management
Course Duration - 1 month
5 days (Monday to Friday) a week
Starts from 24th April 2017
Hurry!!! Limited seats only.