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Counselling Centre

Physical ailments are easy to be diagnosed and cured; not so mental ailments. Mentally affected may be obdurate also. Manifestations of this psychic disorder may appear in different forms. There are children, though a few in numbers, which are troubled mentally. To help those children to regain their mental composure that the others have, we have at Sreepuram, a permanent counselling facility being run by qualified hands. This facility functions on all days from Monday to Saturday.

The Sreepuram Counselling Centre, run by Counselling ex­perts, is functioning from the ground floor of the auditorium com­plex in the school. This permanent facility, where those who need counselling, are attended to by specialists, is a unique and most modern scientific endeavour to make the students mentally sound and balanced.

Working Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm


  1. Sr. Nicol SVM
  2. Sr. Sarala SVM
  3. Mrs. Sheena Ramesh

Contact No: 0497 2707835