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Counselling Centre

The Sreepuram Counselling Centre, run by Counselling ex­perts, is functioning from the ground floor of the auditorium com­plex in the school. This permanent facility, where those who need counselling, are attended to by specialists, is a unique and most modern scientific endeavour to make the students mentally sound and balanced. Read more..

Sreepuram Stars

All stars shine brilliantly, but some more brilliantly than the rest. So is the case with students. Here at Sreepuram, we have a group of about fifty students, who are taken from different lower classes in the high school section whom we call “Sreepuram Stars”. We catch them young and give training up to XIIth Std and make them excel in all the fields. The objective is to make them exemplary individuals by the time they pass out from the school. Read More..

Yoga Training

Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual discipline which originated in ancient India and an exercise for the mind and body. This is being practised by millions of people around the world. Students are now busy and are burdened with tension. To relieve them of this tension and to channelise their energy along correct paths that will lead them to glory, we have started Yoga Classes. It is being held on all Saturdays, class- wise, and will be continued in future also. Read More..

Sreepuram Scholarship Examination

Objective tests on general knowledge, English language and other subjects of study have been a modern development in the educational system. In some countries every subject has an objective paper in addition to the subjective one. In India this system of testing is not followed in the Std X and Std XII examinations, though some objective questions may be there in some papers. We feel that it should be our endeavour to make the students aware of this type of testing. So we have started this year what we call Sreepuram Scholarship Examination for students of all classes. And this is going to stay. Read more..


There is a good library and reading room. The number of books in the library is regularly enhanced by adding books of high value and literary content. In addition to that the students an up-to-date knowledge of current affairs. Read More..


The school has four modern laboratories. Each of these labs can accommodate comfortably around 50 students. The labs have got all necessary equipment which enables both the secondary and senior secondary students to do all the necessary practical. Read more..


The need for auditorium was long felt and our cherished wish was fulfilled when the wonderful auditorium was inaugurated on 29th July, 2005. It has perfect acoustics and a seating capacity of 2000 audience at a time. The auditorium stage is the platform where the talented students of our school are privileged to put up their best. Read more..

Sports & Games

Sreepuram School provides physical education for the students from class I that leads to all round development of its children. Separate period is allotted for physical exercise. A healthy mind exists in a healthy body. Physical training helps the students in development of muscles and bones and they become physically fit from an early age. It also aims to give them mental relaxation from the tedious hours in a class room. Read more..