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Our motto –

“Wisdom, Reflection of Eternal Light”

All knowledge is God given, which is to be gained by submitting oneself to God. The very basis of wisdom is the acceptance of the greatness of God and the humility of oneself. A man of education can do great things for humanity only with the help of God.


Sreepuram School aims to provide a healthy environment for the all round development of students in both curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Special efforts are made to enable the students
  • To strive for excellence in every field
  • To think clearly, fearlessly and apply knowledge, to the solution of human problems
  • To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action



H.E. Arch Bp. Mathew Moolakkatt
Our Arch Bishop
H.E. Bp. Joseph Pandarasseril
Our Patron
Fr. Joy Kattiyankal
Fr. Luka KJ, MA, BEd
Fr. Joseph Vellappallikuzhiyil
Sr. Little Therese SVM
Principal (Nursery)

Message from Management

This website is designed to furnish all parents with information regarding the school. We hope it gives you an insight into our school that will help you to decide whether the school meets all your demands in providing the best for your children. It also provide general information of the school rules, its functioning and guidance to our pupils.

It’s a platform where the parents can have proper interaction with the teachers. It gives information and support for the parents on how to help with their child’s learning. Day to day activities are update that keeps the parents well informed regarding the school function and curriculum.


  1. Late Rev. Fr. Luke Pathiyil (1984)
  2. Late Rev. Fr. Thomas Theramthanam
  3. Late Rev. Fr. Philip Pannivelil (1985)
  4. Rev. Fr. Mathew Mavelil
  5. Rev. Fr. Stephen Jayaraj (1991)
  6. Rev. Fr. Jacob Kollaparambil
  7. Rev. Fr. Thomas Animoottil
  8. Rev. Fr. Alex Akkaparambil
  9. Rev. Fr. Abraham Kalarikkal
  10. Rev. Fr. Jose Chirappurathu (2010)
  11. Rev. Fr Jose Nedungatt


  1. Sr. Berchumans SJC (1985 – 91)
  2. Sr. Theophil SJC (1991 – 92)
  3. Sr. Betty SJC
  4. Sr. Jossia SJC
  5. Sr. Juliet SJC
  6. Sr. Jerome SVM
  7. Sr. Lisia SVM (1995 – 97)
  8. Sr. Thomsin SVM (1997 – 2003)
  9. Sr. AngeL SVM (2003 – 04)
  10. Prof. C T Titus (2004)