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Play School

Children are little angels, full of love and warmth and trust for everyone. They are like clay and can be modeled morally and intellectually by their environment and guiding factors. Optimum care should be taken to ensure that they are looked after, guided and taught playfully, so that they can be shaped up into responsible adults. This is where the importance of a playschool lies.

Play schools are like activity centers where children come to play, interact and learn certain age relevant concepts in a playful and interesting way. The choice of a playschool is often the first big decision parents have to make concerning their children’s education. We fully understand how momentous this process can be, and how much time be invested to ensure the right decision.

We are confident that once you have considered Sreepuram play school as the ideal playschool for your child, you will not regret your decision.

Out of the many advantages of putting a child in playschool, one is socialization. The child before starting playschool or nursery is completely under the care and charge of the parents but as soon as the child grows up; he or she starts making friends in the outer world. Initially the instinct of the child veers towards a sense of fright on seeing strangers and new faces but gradually the child would start enjoying the company of other children of his own age at a playschool like our Sreepuram playschool.

Sreepuram playschool is dedicated to fostering a social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative growth of the child. We follow an integrated learning curriculum that encourages a lifelong love for learning in a playful way.

In Sreepuram playschool, play is an integral part of the curriculum, founded on the belief that children learn through self-initiated free play in an exploratory environment. Play is the world of the child and a part of the educational process. Play is the principle means of learning in early childhood. In play, children gradually develop concepts of causal relationship, the power to discriminate, to make judgments, to analyze and synthesize, to imagine and formulate. Our teachers adopt roles as guide and arrangers of the environment rather than merely as instructors. Our teachers will select materials and activities that will interest children and enable them to find out about the surrounding.

The play school in the SreepuramNursery School provides a well planned curriculum for the all round development of the child. The two trained teachers teach children with love, care and fun. The children are provided with attractive books for coloring and books on Rhymes and stories to make learning very interesting.

Children are different and their ways to grasp things vary from each individual. Therefore the teachers use various ways to teach them. One aim is to adapt good learning habits in life and educate the children to grow up into happy, sociable and sensible individuals. The teacher always tries to maintain a second home in the play school, where the children freely interact with teachers and express their views. This helps the children to develop socially mentally physically and intellectually. The trained teachers are helped by 2 Ayahs who looks after the basic needs of the children.