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Prayer Song

The heavens are blue
Proclaiming to you
The glory of God the creator
At sunset or night,
They ‘re a beautiful sight
Yes, they showforth the Glory of God.

—————————— (twice) ——————————

Author of beauty God on high
It is you that I sigh
As long as I live,
My love I shall give
To you Lord my God most high
And all of my days
I will sing to your praise
I will adore you, My God most high

– 1 –
1. Let there be light in the world
Let there be light in the people
Let there be God on our lives
From now on
2. Let there be peace………………
3. Let there be love………………
4. Let there be joy.

– 2 –
All heaven declare
The beauty of the risen Lord
Who can compare,
With the beauty of the Lord.
Forever He will be
The lamp upon the throne
We gladly bow our knees
And worship him alone.

– 3 –
Unto the king Eternal
Unto the king Immortal
Unto the king Invisible
The only wise God [2]

—————————— (twice) ——————————

Unto the king be Glory and Honour
Unto the king forever
Unto the king Be Glory and Honour
Forever Amen………………….


– 4 –
Father in heaven, how we love you
We lift your name in all the earth
May your kingdom be established in our praises
As your people declare Your mighty works.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty
Who was and is to come
Blessed be the Lord Almighty
Who reigns forever more

– 5 –
May we be a shining light to the nations
A shining light to the people of the earth
Till the whole world sees the glory of your name
May your pure light shine through us.
May we bring a word of hope to the nations
A word of life to the people of the earth
Till the whole world knows.
Salvation thro‘ Your name.
May your mercy flow through us.

– 6 –
We are here to praise you
To lift our hearts and sing
We are here to give you
The best that we can bring
And it is our love
Rising from our hearts
Every thing within us cries
Abba Father

Help us now to give you
Pleasure and delight
Hearts and minds and wills that say
I love you, Lord.

– 7 –
No one but O Lord
Can satisfy the longing in my heart
Nothing I do Lord
Can take the place of drawing near to you
Oh, only you can fill my deepest longing
Only you can breathe in me new life
Only you can fill my heart with laughter,
Only you can answer my hearts cry.

– 8 –
All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all.

– 9 –
I just keep trusting my Lord
As I walk along
I just keep trusting my Lord
And he gives me a song
Tho’ the storm clouds darken the sky
Over the heavenly trail
I just keep trusting my Lord
He will never fail.
He’s a faithful friend (2)
Such a faithful friend (2)
I can count on him (2)
To the very end (2)