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Principal’s Desk

Fr. Luka KJ, MA, BEd

A school is defined as an establishment for education and education as the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind, character etc. This may be a far cry from the not so old emphasis on teaching the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Though the demand of the present is much wider in dimension, a sound knowledge of the basic skills is required to accomplish the set goals. So the first requirement for a fruitful education is the mastering of the basic skills. If and when it is achieved, the learning-teaching process becomes easier and more beneficial.

It is a fact that education has undergone far reaching changes, to a certain extend, commensurate with the changing needs of the society. In every field of human activity the call is for more and the quality that is demanded is premium. But when the emphasis is on quantity, quality is either forgotten or not given deserving attention. Unfortunately this falling off from the high pedestal of expected quality is as glaring in the field of education as in the other fields. Here at Sreepuram, we make the maximum endeavour to achieve quality along with quantity and success has not eluded the school. So the past, I hope, will act as the harbinger of future glory.