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Principal’s Desk

Our children represent our dreams and hopes. As parents you will surely want the best for your child. We too desire that your child should develop into responsible adults. To this end, we the school and you the parents will endeavour and work in tandem to ensure that the children are brought up in an environment, which will ensure that they are provided with appropriate guidance and the right knowledge to face every challenge that should accost them in their future.

I wish to emphasize the value of co-operation between school authorities, faculty students and parents. Together they should function as a team and complement each other. Education is not just a process of imparting knowledge, rather, it is a lifelong process of creating an awareness of moral and ethical values which will guide our students throughout life and make them the future hope of our country.

At Sreepuram we will hope, strive and endeavour to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment, where work, sports and extracurricular activities will prevail.

It is necessary to inculcate certain values in children that will enhance respect for one’s elders, teachers and a commitment to discipline. Students who have respect for their teachers will be more receptive to authority and to learning. Adherence to discipline will make students realize the power of self control, and bring about a sense of selflessness and a willing to sacrifice individual interest in the favour of group interest. A large part of a child’s active life is spent in school. However every child desires and gets emotional support and stability from his/her parent. It is the parent’s attitude that a child absorbs. So parents should set aside a portion of their time to spend with the children. Parents should talk to the children about hours spent in school, about their friends they make, their problems, in any; they face in school, at play, in the school bus. Encourage them to do their work regularly.

Our school encourages and affords ample opportunities for sports and physical training, because we firmly believe that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl”.

Now I have a few directives for the parents:-

  1. Please do attend PTA meetings regularly
  2. Please inform respective class teachers about changes in address and telephone numbers
  3. Please note that it is very important that all fees are paid in time


Sr. Little Therese SVM